For a Beautiful World

[original title:  Für eine schöne Welt]

Switzerland 2016. DCP 16:9, colour, 74 min.

Für eine schöne Welt Für eine schöne Welt Für eine schöne Welt affiche

The internationally renowned artists Gottfried Honegger (1917-2016) and Kurt Sigrist (1943) are close friends of mine. I have known both of them personally for a long time. Their personalities differ tremendously, and yet there is something that unites both of them with me: their expression of imagery – the language of the image.

I am interested in how they counterpose our time with their art. With Gottfried Honegger, the last representative of the ”Zurich Concrete”, the film focuses on creative seeing and geometry. The artist Kurt Sigrist, whose genre is “object sculpture”, pushes boundaries.

DirectorErich Langjahr
ScriptErich Langjahr
WithDie beiden Künstler Gottfried Honegger und Kurt Sigrist
Im Weiteren Franz Enderli (Regierungsrat Kanton Obwalden), Guido Magnaguagno (Kunsthistoriker), Friedhelm Mennekes (Theologe), Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart (Schauspieler), Roxana Pirovano Malmberg (Galeristin), Beat Stutzer (Kurator) und andere
PhotographyErich Langjahr, Silvia Haselbeck
SoundSilvia Haselbeck
EditingErich Langjahr
MusicUrban Mäder und Christian Hartmann
CollaboratorsSilvia Haselbeck: Schnittassistenz
Tonschnitt, Mischung: René Zaugg
Color Grading: Nick Schneider
Plakat: Art Ringger
Duration74 min.
FormatDCP 16:9
VersionsSchweizerdeutsch / deutsch untertitelt / english subtitles
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Festivals42. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg 28.- 31. Jan. 2016
29. Int. Freistädter Filmfestival "Der neue Heimatfilm" 24. - 28. August 2016
Walser Herbst, Das steilste Festival mitten in den Bergen, 19.8.-11.9.16
Festivals, Awards2. Dokumentarfilmpreis am 42. Internationalen Filmwochenende Würzburg 2016
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World RightsLangjahr-Film GmbH
Distribution Switzerland
and international
Langjahr-Film GmbH, Luegstrasse 13, CH-6037 Root
Tel. +41-41-450 22 52 – Fax +41-41-450 22 51
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Press review

In his latest documentary, For a Beautiful World, Erich Langjahr portrays two of his close friends, internationally renowned artists, Gottfried Honegger and Kurt Sigrist.

Though the personalities of the two artists are as different as night and day, Langjahr discovered one thing that connects them: their expression of and fascination with imagery. Gottfried Honegger, the last representative of the "Zurich Concrete", reflects on the importance of vision and perception, thinking about their effects on humans. He argues for a society that is more influenced by culture. Kurt Sigrist is concerned with the relation of spaces and places to the experience of interior and exterior, of insights and outlooks. Many properties, he states, are dominated by empty spaces that need to be filled with our experiences, thoughts, ideas and associations. Just as Honegger and Sigrist, Langjahr is also fascinated by imagery and its influence on mankind. He claims that his audience views the images on the screen and gives them meaning by connecting them to their personal experiences.

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